Auto Elect in Cairns has been at the forefront of quality auto electrical and air conditioning repairs in the area since 1987.

Family owned and operated, we deliver exceptional workmanship, customer service and competitive prices for clients throughout the Cairns region.

With a fully equipped workshop, and using top-of-the-line fault diagnosis equipment, our experienced auto-electricians service and maintain cars, trucks, 4WDs and caravans.

Whether for starter motor, battery or alternator issues, we stock replacement parts from the industry’s leading brands Thunder, REDARC, GME and Baxters to guarantee first-rate performance.

Backed by more than 30 years’ experience, the technicians at Auto-Elect are your trusted choice for auto air conditioning and electrical servicing. From regassing and compressor replacements to battery charging, central locking repairs, and more—we maker sure your vehicle’s A/C and electrical system are performing optimally.

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When it comes to your vehicle’s electrical and air conditioning system, routine servicing is key.

See our frequently asked questions below for information on preventative maintenance and common warning signs.

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As a general rule, your car battery should be replaced every 3 years. At Auto-Elect we stock a range of quality batteries for most vehicles.

For optimal performance, your vehicle’s air conditioning system should be serviced every 2 years. Auto-Elect offers a free A/C check. Call to enquire.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning is making a hissing, rattling or clunking sound, it’s likely your compressor is broken. Lack of cold air being produced is also a common sign your compressor may be damaged or broken.  Our free Air-Con Inspection will confirm.

If your vehicle’s window isn’t moving up or down, typically it’s because the window’s motor, door switch or regulator has failed.

Common signs that indicate your air conditioner needs repairing:
  • Loss or reduction of cooling capability
  • Strange noises
  • A bad smell coming from the system

If your battery is in good condition yet the car’s engine is struggling to turn over, it could indicate an issue with the starter motor. Book your car in for service at Auto-Elect and we’ll improve its reliability quickly and affordably. Call today.

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Our Cairns auto-electricians at Auto-Elect provide comprehensive auto electrical and air conditioning services for cars, trucks, 4WDs and caravans. With more than 30 years’ combined industry experience, we waste no time getting the work done right the first time—whether it’s rewiring, fixing starter motor or alternator problems, or simply replacing your battery. Call us today.
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